Biggest Ski Resort in the US: Powder Mountain Ski Resort

The largest ski resort in North America and the United States is Powder Mountain Ski Resort in Eden, Utah. Powder Mountain is known for its expansive terrain and emphasis on preserving a pristine, unspoiled skiing experience.

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Here is an overview of Powder Mountain Ski Resort:


Over the years, Powder Mountain expanded its skiable terrain, eventually becoming one of the largest ski areas in North America in terms of acreage.

With 8,484 acres of skiable terrain, Powder Mountain boasts one of the largest ski areas in North America in terms of skiable acres.

The resort features 154 runs, nine lifts, two terrain parks and two snowcat areas and receives over 500 inches of snow every winter. It has a vertical drop of 3,346 feet and a summit elevation of 9,422 feet.

The resort offers diverse terrain suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Around 25% of the ski trails are beginner, 40% are intermediate, and 35% are for the more advanced skiiers.

The resort’s focus was not only on offering a variety of terrain for skiers of all levels but also on maintaining a more secluded and less crowded atmosphere compared to other popular ski destinations.

Powder Mountain is unique in its commitment to maintaining a natural and unspoiled environment. The resort limits the number of daily lift tickets sold, ensuring a more secluded and uncrowded skiing experience. This approach aligns with the resort’s dedication to preserving the mountain’s natural beauty.

The resort has a combination of chairlifts and snowcat skiing to access its vast terrain. Snowcats are used to transport skiers and snowboarders to less accessible areas, allowing them to enjoy untouched powder.

Powder Country:

One of the notable features is “Powder Country,” which is an area only accessible by shuttle bus from the resort. This area offers additional terrain and backcountry-style skiing, contributing to the overall appeal of Powder Mountain.

Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy the thrill of exploring less-traveled slopes and deep powder in this designated region of Powder Mountain. This area is popular among skiers and snowboarders seeking pristine, ungroomed powder conditions.


Powder Mountain Ski Resort was founded in 1972 by Dr. Alvin Cobabe. The resort was once a summer grazing range for sheep that was owned by Dr. Cobabe’s father Frederick. Between 1902 and 1948, Frederick Cobabe, accumulated over 8,000 acres of Wasatch Mountain land to creating a grazing range for his herd of sheep.

In 1948, Alvin F. Cobabe, bought the livestock company and its 8,000 acres. Cobabe eventually sold the livestock company in 1956 but kept the land.

In the late 1950s, a friend suggested that Cobabe’s land would make a great ski resort. Cobabe agreed and began accumulating even more land for his new resort.

When the ski resort opened on February 19, 1972, it was more than 14,000 acres in size. Cobabe soon opened a number of lodges on the resort and added more lifts and ski runs.

The resort started with the vision of providing skiers with access to a vast and varied terrain while preserving the natural beauty of the mountain. Dr. Cobabe’s commitment to creating a different kind of ski experience set Powder Mountain apart from other resorts.

In 2006, Powder Mountain underwent a change in ownership. A group of investors, including Summit Series, took over the resort. This new ownership brought a fresh perspective, emphasizing community involvement and sustainability.

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