European Pools in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment options, including pool parties. A handful of pools in Las Vegas are topless-optional and are usually referred to as “European pools.”

A European-style pool is a pool area where topless sunbathing is allowed or encouraged, mimicking the more relaxed and European attitude towards nudity.

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Here are some popular venues that offer topless pools in Las Vegas:

Encore European Pool:


Encore at Wynn Las Vegas offers two pools: the Encore Resort Pool and the Encore European Pool.

The Encore European pool offers a selection of private cabanas and daybeds, providing guests with a more exclusive and comfortable experience. These are often equipped with amenities such as flat-screen TVs, personalized service, and more.

The pool area is designed with a focus on luxury, featuring upscale decor, stylish furniture, and a modern aesthetic. The design creates an upscale and sophisticated environment.

The Lexi Euro Pool:


The Lexi hotel offers a European pool where guests can swim and sunbathe topless.

The pool features a newly renovated pool deck, new luxury cabanas and great selection of cocktails and food.

The pool area is relatively small compared to some of the larger resorts on the Strip which gives it an intimate setting with a more relaxed atmosphere.

The hotel hosts poolside events and parties, especially during the weekends. These events feature DJ performances and themed parties.

The Wet24 Adult Pool & Bar:


The Strat hotel features two pools: the Swim & Social rooftop pool and the Wet24 Adult Pool and Bar.

The Wet24 Adult Pool doesn’t advertise itself as a European pool but it has a history of allowing guests to go topless during the summer season. It tends to suspends this practice during the off season when the pool serves as the main all-ages pool for the hotel.

The pool deck features lounge chairs, cabanas, and daybeds where guests can soak up the sun and enjoy the poolside atmosphere.

Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay:


Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino features the Moorea Beach Club which is a topless-optional pool.

The atmosphere at Moorea is often described as more relaxed and exclusive compared to some of the larger and more crowded dayclubs on the Las Vegas Strip. It provides a more intimate setting for adults seeking a quieter and sophisticated pool experience.

The pool area features cabanas and daybeds available for rental. These private areas often come with amenities such as dedicated servers, flat-screen TVs, and comfortable seating. Guests can enjoy poolside services, including food and beverage options served by attentive staff.

Sapphire Pool & Dayclub:


The Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club features the Sapphire Pool and Dayclub which offers topless sunbathing and an adult atmosphere.

Sapphire Pool & Dayclub is part of the larger entertainment complex that includes Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, a well-known strip club in Las Vegas. The pool club provides an alternative daytime experience to the traditional nightclub setting.

Sapphire Pool & Dayclub caters to an adult audience and is known for its lively and party-oriented atmosphere. It’s a place where guests can enjoy a day of sunbathing, swimming, and entertainment in a more adult-oriented setting.

Similar to Moorea Beach Club, Sapphire Pool & Dayclub is known for allowing topless sunbathing, providing a European-style experience for guests who prefer it.

The pool area features cabanas and VIP seating options available for rental. These areas typically come with amenities such as bottle service, comfortable seating, and a dedicated server.

Sapphire Pool & Dayclub often hosts live entertainment, including DJs playing music to enhance the pool party atmosphere.

Guests can also enjoy poolside services, including food and beverage options served by the pool club’s staff.

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