How to Get Free Drinks in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas casinos, complimentary drinks are a common perk for casino patrons. However, there are some specific ways to maximize your chances of getting free drinks:

1. Gambling at the Tables or Slot Machines:

Table Games: If you’re playing table games such as blackjack, poker, or roulette, cocktail waitresses often circulate the casino floor, offering complimentary drinks to players.

The most straightforward way to receive free drinks at a gaming table is to actively participate in the game. Place bets and engage in the gaming activity to signal to the cocktail waitresses that you are a player and not just an onlooker.

Casinos have differing policies on free drinks so be sure to ask the bartender or cocktail waitress about that casino’s policy. In some casinos, a certain amount of playtime at a certain rate will amount to a free drink. Typically, a $20 buy-in and $1 per hand of play will earn you free drinks.

The Bellagio is one of many casinos in Las Vegas that offers free drinks to gamblers

Slot Machines: Most casinos have player’s club or loyalty programs. Make sure to use your player’s card while playing slot machines. The card tracks your play, and accumulated points often lead to complimentary drinks.

Some casinos may be more generous with complimentary drinks for players using higher-denomination slot machines. However, this can vary, so be sure to ask about the casino’s policies.

Consistent play increases your visibility to casino staff. Cocktail waitresses often monitor the gaming floor and are more likely to offer complimentary drinks to players who are actively engaged over an extended period.

2. Using Player’s Club Cards:

Join the player’s club or loyalty program of the casino where you are gambling. Membership is usually free, and you’ll receive a card that you can use while playing.

Your player’s card tracks your activity, and the information is used to determine your eligibility for complimentary drinks.

Insert your Player’s Club Card into the card reader on the machine. This allows the casino to track your play and accumulate points based on your wagers.

3. Tip Generously:

While it’s not mandatory to tip for free drinks, tipping the cocktail waitress can increase the likelihood of more prompt and attentive service. It’s a good practice to tip a few dollars per drink.

4. Sit Near the Bar:

If your primary goal is to get drinks quickly, consider playing slots near the casino bar. Bartenders generally serve drinks faster than waitresses circulating the gaming floor.

The bar at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

5. Take Advantage of Promotions:

Some casinos offer promotions where you can earn free drinks by participating in specific games or activities. Keep an eye on promotional events and take advantage of any opportunities.

6. Play During Busy Times:

Casinos are more likely to offer complimentary drinks during busy times when there are more patrons on the gaming floor. Weekends and evenings are typically busier than weekdays during the day.

7. Established Gambling Patterns:

Casinos may offer more perks, including free drinks, to players who establish a consistent gambling pattern. Regular play can lead to better treatment and more complimentary offers.

8. Ask Politely:

If you’re actively gambling and haven’t received a drink, it’s acceptable to politely ask a cocktail waitress for one. Keep in mind that the availability of free drinks varies by casino and local regulations.

9. Participate in Tournaments or Events:

Some casinos host tournaments or special events where participants receive complimentary drinks. Check the casino’s event calendar for opportunities to enjoy free beverages.

10. Stay and Play:

The longer you stay and play at a particular casino, the more likely you are to receive complimentary drinks. Casinos often reward loyalty with additional perks.

Remember that the policies regarding complimentary drinks can vary between casinos, and local regulations may influence how these perks are offered. Always be courteous to casino staff, tip appropriately, and be aware of the casino’s specific rules and guidelines.

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