How to Get into Las Vegas Clubs for Free

Getting into Las Vegas clubs for free can be challenging, as many clubs on the Strip typically charge cover fees, especially for popular events and high-demand times.

However, there are a few strategies you can try to increase your chances of getting in for free:

Guest Lists:

Many clubs in Las Vegas offer guest lists, allowing individuals to sign up online in advance for free or discounted entry. Promoters often work with clubs to manage guest lists.

You can find promoters on social media platforms or even on the streets near the clubs. They may offer to put you on the guest list in exchange for your presence at the club.

Arrive Early:

Clubs usually get busier as the night progresses, and there’s a better chance of getting in for free if you arrive early. Some clubs have early evening events or promotions with no cover charge.

Special Events and Promotions:

Keep an eye out for special events, promotions, or themed nights that may offer free entry. Some clubs have industry nights or ladies’ nights where certain groups get in for free or at a reduced cost.

Hotel Packages:

If you’re staying at a hotel that has a nightclub, inquire about any special packages that include free or discounted entry for guests.


Talk to people in the area, including hotel staff, promoters, or even fellow tourists. Sometimes, connections can lead to opportunities for free entry.

VIP Hosts and Bottle Service:

Booking a table with bottle service is one way to guarantee entry, and in some cases, clubs may waive the cover charge as part of the package. VIP hosts often have connections and may be able to assist with free entry.

Remember that the success of these strategies can vary, and it’s essential to be respectful and follow club rules. Additionally, it’s important to note that Las Vegas clubs and their policies may change, so it’s a good idea to check with the specific club you’re interested in or inquire with local promoters for the most up-to-date information.

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