Ice Castles in the US

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Ice Castles are large, elaborate structures made entirely of ice, created for entertainment and as a unique winter attraction.

These frozen wonders are constructed using icicles, water, and LED lights, resulting in enchanting landscapes that captivate visitors. There are only six ice castles located in America so go visit one if you have the chance.

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Here are the few places where you will find ice castles in the United States:


Utah is a popular location for ice castles, with Midway being one of the well-known sites.

The ice castles in Midway are located at the Homestead Resort, a picturesque destination in the Heber Valley near Park City, Utah. Park City is a popular winter destination known for its world-class skiing, charming mountain town atmosphere, and a variety of winter activities.

These ice castles provide visitors with a stunning and immersive ice experience. They feature ice slides, frozen waterfalls, ice caves, ice sculptures and maze-like tunnels.


Ice Castles have been constructed in various locations in Colorado, with common sites including Dillon and Cripple Creek.

The ice castles in Dillon are typically located at Dillon Town Park in Dillon, Colorado. Dillon is situated in Summit County, known for its beautiful mountainous surroundings.

The ice castles in Dillon often feature ice slides, tunnels, and illuminated sculptures, making it a picturesque and family-friendly destination.


Ice castles are located in different locations in Wisconsin, with common sites including Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is another enchanting location where visitors can experience the magic of ice castles.

Visitors can explore the ice formations, tunnels, and slides while enjoying the beautiful setting along Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is known for its scenic lakefront and is a popular resort destination.

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire is home to many large, elaborate ice castles that create a magical and enchanting winter experience for visitors. These ice castles are constructed in various locations in New Hampshire, with common sites including Lincoln and North Woodstock.

North Woodstock, New Hampshire, is another enchanting destination where visitors can experience ice castles. This location often offers a winter wonderland of a 25-foot-tall LED illuminated fortress with ice archways, caves, and slides for visitors to explore.

Lincoln, New Hampshire, is another popular location where visitors can experience enchanting ice structures and winter wonderland creations.

The ice structures are created using icicles, frozen waterfalls, and tunnels, providing a magical and enchanting experience.


Minnesota is known for hosting Ice Castles in various locations, providing visitors with a magical and immersive winter experience. Ice castles have been set up in different cities across Minnesota, including Stillwater and Excelsior.

The Ice castles in Stillwater are constructed in the town of Stillwater, Minnesota. Stillwater is known for its historic charm and is located along the St. Croix River.

The ice structures in Stillwater often include LED lights embedded within the ice formations, creating a captivating display.

Keep in mind that the availability of ice castles may vary each winter, and new locations may be added or changed. Additionally, weather conditions can influence the opening and maintenance of these ice attractions.

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