Ice Skating in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is not typically known for its outdoor ice skating opportunities due to its desert climate. However, during the winter season, some resorts and shopping centers set up temporary outdoor ice skating rinks.

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Here is a list of places to go ice skating in Las Vegas:

The Ice Rink at the Cosmopolitan:


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas sets up a 4,200-square-foot ice rink during the winter season on its Boulevard Pool Deck, which is an outdoor area on the fourth floor of the resort that provides stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip, creating a unique and memorable experience.

The Cosmopolitan’s ice rink uses real ice instead of synthetic ice. The area around the ice rink is adorned with festive decorations and holiday lights and also features simulated snow showers every 30 minutes. The rink also offers roast s’mores by the fire and seasonal food and beverages.

In 2017, USA Today named the Ice Rink one of the 10 best ice skating rinks in America.

Neon Ice at Lake Las Vegas Ice Skating Rink:


Lake Las Vegas is a waterfront shopping, dining, and entertainment district located at Lake Las Vegas, a residential and resort community in Henderson, Nevada, that features an outdoor ice skating rink during the winter season.

Neon Ice uses synthetic ice instead of real ice. Synthetic ice offers a similar skating experience without the need for sub-freezing temperatures.

The ice skating rink is located on the Lake Las Vegas marina dock and features ice skates for rent, ice skating games and music as well as fire pits and heat lamps to stay warm.

Rock Rink at Downtown Summerlin:


Downtown Summerlin, a shopping and entertainment district features an 8,000-square-foot ice rink during the holiday season.

Unlike some outdoor rinks that use synthetic ice, the Rock Rink at Downtown Summerlin traditionally features real ice. This offers skaters a more traditional ice skating experience.

The area around the Rock Rink is often decorated with festive holiday lights, decorations, and a winter-themed ambiance. This creates a joyful and seasonal atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

Enchant Christmas in Las Vegas :


Enchant is a popular Christmas attraction in Las Vegas that features an ice skating trail through the attraction. Visitors can lace up some skates and enjoy the Christmas lights as they skate around the facility on real ice.

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