Does it Snow in Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas, Nevada, is located in the Mojave Desert, and its climate is characterized as a subtropical hot desert climate.

Las Vegas sees snowfall on only a few days each year, and the amount of snow is usually minimal. On average, the Las Vegas Valley gets only 0.3 inches of snowfall per year, according to the National Weather Service. Some years, there may be no measurable snowfall at all.

In the winter, especially at higher elevations, you might see snow in the mountains, such as Spring Mountains, around Las Vegas, but it’s rare for the city itself to experience significant snowfall.

However, there have been occasional instances of snow in Las Vegas, particularly in the winter months, but it’s usually light and doesn’t last long.

Biggest Snowfall in Las Vegas:

12” on December 20 – 21, 1909

7.4” on January 31, 1979

4.7” on January 5, 1974

4.7” on January 25, 1949

4.7” on January 12, 1949

4.4” on January 1, 1974

4.3” on January 4, 1974

4.0” on February 3, 1939

3.6” on December 17, 2008

3.3” on January 10, 1949

3.0” on November 15, 1964

Earliest Snowfall in Las Vegas:

The earliest occurrence of snowfall in Las Vegas occurred on November 15, 1958, when a trace amount of snow fell on Las Vegas. The earliest amount of measurable snow occurred on November 15, 1964 when three inches of snow fell on the city.

Latest Snowfall in Las Vegas:

The latest occurrence of snowfall in Las Vegas occurred on March 14, 1975 when a trace amount of snow fell on the city. The latest occurrence of measurable snow occurred on March 3, 1976 when one inch of snow fell.

Have you ever seen it snow in Las Vegas? Leave a comment below and let us know what it was like!

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