Best Maple Syrup Farms in Vermont

Vermont is famous for its high-quality maple syrup, and there are several notable maple syrup farms in the state. Each of these farms offers a unique experience, from sugarhouse tours to tastings.

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Here are some of the best maple syrup farms in Vermont:

Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks (Montpelier):


Morse Farm has been producing maple syrup for over 200 years and is a family-owned business. Visitors can take a guided tour of the sugarhouse to learn about the maple syrup-making process, participate in tastings, and explore nature trails. The farm also features a country store with various maple products.

Sugarbush Farm (Woodstock):


Sugarbush Farm is a picturesque farm known for its award-winning cheeses and maple syrup. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the farm, including the sugarhouse, where they can see how maple syrup is made. The farm also offers cheese tastings, making it a delightful destination for both maple and cheese enthusiasts.

Dakin Farm (Ferrisburgh):


Dakin Farm is a well-known Vermont institution that produces a variety of maple products. While visiting the farm, you can explore their sugarhouse, participate in tastings, and shop for a wide range of Vermont-made goods. Dakin Farm often hosts events and festivals throughout the year.

Runamok Maple (Cambridge):


While not a traditional farm, Runamok Maple is a modern and innovative maple syrup producer known for its creative infused and barrel-aged syrups. They offer tours and tastings where visitors can explore their production facility and sample a variety of unique maple syrup flavors.

Mount Mansfield Maple Products (Underhill):


This family-owned farm focuses on producing high-quality, pure Vermont maple syrup. Visitors can take a tour of the sugarhouse, witness the sugaring process, and sample different grades of maple syrup. The farm also offers an online store for those unable to visit in person.

Couture’s Maple Shop and B&B (Westfield):


Couture’s is a maple farm that offers more than just syrup – it also operates as a bed and breakfast. Visitors can experience the sugaring process, enjoy homemade meals featuring maple products, and stay overnight in a charming Vermont farmhouse.

Shelburne Farms (Shelburne):


While primarily known for its cheese and dairy products, Shelburne Farms also produces maple syrup. Visitors can explore the farm, participate in educational programs, and purchase maple syrup in their farm store. The picturesque setting overlooking Lake Champlain adds to the overall experience.

These maple syrup farms offer a taste of Vermont’s rich agricultural heritage and provide an opportunity to learn about maple season and the time-honored tradition of making maple syrup.

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