Wolf Encounters in the U.S.

Are you a wolf lover who wants to interact with some wolves? Fortunately, there are a handful of wolf sanctuaries, nature centers and wildlife centers in the U.S. that allow you to pet and interact with wolves.

The following is a list of places where you can interact with wolves in the U.S.:

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center:

Address: 4729 Twin Rocks Rd, Divide, CO

Website: www.wolfeducation.org

Established in 2003, the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is a wildlife center in Colorado that is home to wolves, coyotes and foxes.

The center offers a variety of tours where you can view the wolves, coyotes and foxes at the facility.

It also offers three types of animal encounters where you can interact with the wolves, such as the Meet & Greet Encounter, VIP encounter and the Feeding Tour.

The Meet & Greet Encounter is a 1.5 hour meet & greet and tour, with a group of up to 16 people, where guests can pet and interact with a wolf inside the enclosure.

The VIP Encounter is a private, 20 to 25 minute up-close and personal encounter with a wolf inside the wolf enclosure.

The Feeding Tour is a 60 to 75 minute guided educational tour where guests can watch a caretaker feed the wolves, coyotes and foxes.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is owned by Darlene Kobobel and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Myrtle Beach Safari:

Address: 851 Folly Ranch Ln, Myrtle Beach, SC

Website: docantlesdaysafari.com

Established in 1982, Myrtle Beach Safari is a 50-acre wildlife tropical preserve in South Carolina that features exotics animals such as big cats, elephants, monkeys and wolves.

The preserve offers guided tours of the facility where guests can view the many exotic animals that live there.

In addition, the preserve also offers a Photo Encounter during which guests can pet and hold a baby chimpanzee, capuchin monkey, tiger cub or a wolf pup.

The preserve also offers other types of animal encounters, such as a wildlife encounters day tour, a night safari, an African safari and a private encounter.

Myrtle Beach Safari is owned by Doc Antle who is an animal trainer that was featured on the Netflix documentary Tiger King and was also the subject of a three-part true crime documentary spin-off of Tiger King, titled Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story.

Just a word of warning about the facility, Antle was recently indicted on Federal charges of wildlife trafficking, animal cruelty, violation of the Endangered Species Act and money laundering and has also been accused of sexual misconduct and predatory behavior by several women employed at the park in 2020 and 2022.

Mission Wolf:

Address: 13388 Co Rd 634, Westcliffe, CO

Website: www.missionwolf.org

Established in 1986, Mission: Wolf is a nature center and animal sanctuary for captive-born wolves and horses. The center is currently home to over 125 wolves and 25 horses on its 350-acre preserve.

The center offers guided tours inside the 50-acre wolf enclosure during which the wolves will sometimes approach the guests and allow themselves to be petted.

The center also offers overnight camping at the sanctuary during which guests can volunteer to help take care of the wolves during the day and then enjoy listening to the wolves howl at night while relaxing at their campsite on the property.

Mission: Wolf is owned by Kent Weber.

North Georgia Wildlife & Safari Park:

Address: 2912 Paradise Valley Rd, Cleveland, GA

Website: www.northgeorgiazoo.com

Founded in 2010, the North Georgia Wildlife & Safari Park is a safari park in Georgia that is home to more than 400 animals.

The park offers a variety of animal experiences including two wolf encounters: a Wolf Pup Experience and a Wolf Experience.

The wolf pup experience is a 15 to 20 minute encounter with a wolf puppy during which guests can interact, play with and train a wolf puppy and also have their photo taken with the puppy.

The wolf experience is a 30 to 40 minute experience with one to two wolves up close.

In addition, the park also offers other types of animal encounters such as a sloth experience, a primate experience, a reptile experience, a feline experience, a fox experience and more.

The North Georgia Wildlife & Safari Park is owned by husband and wife team Tom and Hope Bennett.

Predators of the Heart Sanctuary:

Address: 4709 Welch Ln, Anacortes, WA

Website: www.airbnb.com/experiences/47240

Established in 1998, Predators of the Heart is a 10-acre wildlife sanctuary in Washington state that is home to animals rescued from the exotic pet trade such as wolves, cougars, bobcats, birds of prey, reptiles and small mammals. The sanctuary currently has 26 wolf dogs.

The sanctuary offers tours of the property which include a visit inside the wolf’s enclosure where guests can pet and interact with the wolves.

The sanctuary is owned by Dave Coelburn.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary:

Address: 1161 27th St SW Naples, Florida

Website: shywolfsanctuary.org

Established in 1993, the Shy Wolf Sanctuary is an animal refuge for exotic animals such as wolves, foxes and big cats.

The sanctuary offers two types of animal encounters with the wolves: a private animal encounter and a private party with an animal encounter.

The private animal encounter is a two-hour interactive animal encounter for a group of two to six people.

The private party is a party for up to 20 guests that includes a private animal encounter for the guests.

The Shy Wolf Sanctuary is owned by Nancy and Kent Smith.

Seacrest Wolf Preserve:

Address: 3449 Bonnett Pond Rd, Chipley, FL

Website: www.seacrestwolfpreserve.org

Established in 1999, the Seacrest Wolf Preserve is a wolf preserve in Florida dedicated to wolf and wildlife preservation.

The preserve offers VIP tours during which guests enter the wolf enclosure for an up-close interactive encounter with the wolves.

Photos of the encounter are taken for the guests by a staff photographer during the tour and a video of the group howling with the wolves is also available for an additional donation fee.

The Seacrest Wolf Preserve is owned by Wayne and Cynthia Watkins.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary:

Address: 378 Candy Kitchen Rd, Ramah, NM

Website: wildspiritwolfsanctuary.org

Established in 1991, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a 100-acre sanctuary for displaced and unwanted captive wolves, wolf dogs, coyotes, foxes, dingoes and domestic dogs.

The sanctuary offers various types of tours at its facility during which guests can view the animals from a distance.

The sanctuary also offers a Feeding Tour, which is a one-hour experience during which guests help prepare food for the animals in the lower compound area and assist staff in the feeding process. At the end of the tour, guests get to compete in a Yeet-loaf competition which is a throwing competition using imitation meatloaf.

The sanctuary is owned by Barbara Berge who cofounded the sanctuary with the late Jacque Evans.

Wolf Mountain Nature Center:

Address: 562 Hopkins Crandall Road, Smyrna, NY

Website: www.thewolfmountainnaturecenter.org

Founded in 2006, the Wolf Mountain Nature Center is a 70-acre nature center in New York state that is home to gray wolves, eastern coyotes and arctic fox.

The nature center offers guided and self-guided tours of its facility where guests can view the animals in their enclosures.

In addition, the nature center also offers a Camping with the Wolves experience during which guests can camp overnight at the nature center and enjoy a tour, guided hike, wolf communication program and an opportunity to assist caretakers in feeding of the wolves.

William Pryor is the president of Wolf Mountain Nature Center Inc.

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary:

Address: 7520 Fairlane Rd, Lucerne Valley, CA

Website: www.wolfmountainsanctuary.org

Founded in 1985, the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a small 5-acre wolf sanctuary in California that is home to eight wolves.

The sanctuary offers guided tours in the wolf enclosure during which guests can pet, play and interact with the wolves.

The sanctuary is owned and operated by Tonya Littlewolf, who is a member of the Chiricahua Mescalero Apache tribe.

Wolf Creek Habitat & Rescue:

Address: 14099 Wolf Creek Rd, Brookville, Indiana

Website: www.wolfcreekhabitat.org

Established in 1997, Wolf Creek Habitat & Rescue is a wolf preserve in Indiana.

The preserve offers guided tours during which guests can enter the wolf enclosures and pet, play and interact with the wolves. The preserve also offers lodging in cabins and tents on the property.

Wolf Creek Habitat is owned by husband and wife team Kathy and Terry Baudendistel.

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